Creating and rewarding loyal customers






Convenience stores

My role

Design Director
Senior UX Designer


User flows

Design challenge

How might we reward and delight our most loyal customers?


This client wanted to create a delightful loyalty platform which could intertwine with their multiple layers of existing technology. Their current technology stack presented some UX challenges which were overcome throughout the project.

The client also wanted to collect user data, including birth date, phone number and location, these proved to be interesting challenge in user persuasion.

Below is a little insight into the process for this project and build.

The process for this project was lead by business goals and tech constraints.

The business purpose and metrics

Through workshops and interviews, we uncovered the business purpose for the loyalty concept, and how they wanted to measure success.

The current tech stack

The client has a challenging mix of legacy and new technology, as well as physical tech in stores. This solution needed to fit seamlessly within their current tech stack.

Landscape analysis

We looked far and wide at other companies and apps playing in the customer loyalty space.

Design and tech workshops

It was important to involve the tech team in the initial workshops to uncover UX challenges and constraints due to the current tech stack.

Ideation and sketching

Once we understood the constraints, we were able to sketch and design a solution.

Wireframes and prototypes

The wireframes and prototypes went through rigorous feedback and tech consideration before they were approved. The user testing was left to the client at their request.

The user flows.

The user flows were crucial for the success of this app, the tech constrains dictated some of the decisions.

Click image for a larger view.

Section 1.


The onboarding was designed to get the user up to speed with the app features and functionality as quickly as possible.

Section 2.


The client wanted a lot of detail in the registration process, so I had a play with some rewards for giving personal details, eg. birthday present for birth date.

We were also able to offer the user a free Krispy Kreme for registering, so that was a nice motivation.

Section 3.

Barcode scan

User needed to scan the barcode in store every time the purchases something, after the 7th purchase, they receive a free gift/rewards.

Section 4.

Offers and rewards

The rewards varied in type. The were 7th visit rewards, random offers, location offers, weather based offers ect…

Section 5.

Collecting user data

I always wanted to give the user a good reason to share their data with the app, and I wanted to let them know why we are asking before we ask.

In this scenario, the users are offered free bits and pieces when they walk past a 7-Eleven store.

A few more screens…

I created the screens below designed for client approval in relation to UX and tech feasibility.