Allowing college students to share meals ordered from their favorite NYC restaurants.


Good Uncle




Food ordering startup

My role

Senior UX Designer


Prototype for pitching to investors

Design challenge

How might we create a gamified platform which allows college students to order food from their favorite NYC restaurants?


I worked closed with the one of the co-founders (Matt) of Good Uncle for this project prior to their seed funding. I created the user flows, designs and prototypes which were presented to potential investors. They secured 2.2m in the first round.


Below is a little insight into the process for this project.

This process was nothing fancy, it was all about getting a prototype together for a pitch.

Understanding the vision

I spent a lot of time with Matt, the co-founder of this startup, understanding his vision.

Landscape analysis

Looking to the side is always a good thing when starting a new project. I looked at the food industry, gamification, the psychology of urgency, and other live ordering/delivery apps.

Ideation and sketching

I sketched out the flows and concepts for the app.

Wireframes and prototypes

I created prototypes for the app, starting with general flows, then moving towards micro interactions.


The feedback of the process was purely from the co-founder. The purpose of the deliverable was to secure funding, so no user testing was done at this stage.

The pitch

This was left up to the co-founders. They secured 2.2m in the seed round, and are still going strong today.

Section 1.


Simple CTA’s on the splash screen allows users to jump straight into the ordering flow, or take a look around the menu options.

Section 2.

The meal details

Users are presented with beautiful photography detailing the meal, the ingredients, the chef and the farmers. Presenting the users with gorgeous photography and stories instantly increases the value of the experience.

Section 3.

Invite other students to the meal

Once the user has ordered their meal, they are encouraged to invite other students from the same college/dorm into their order. This is where the gamification and persuasion takes place, it also allows student to enjoy their meal as a community.

Section 4.

Countdown to jump into the order

Other students receive push notifications and are encourage to jump into the order, with the urgency of a countdown timer. If they aren’t quick, they will miss out. The more people that jump into the order, the greater the discount becomes on everyone’s food – the more the merrier.

Also, they get to share a meal together, which was part of the vision.

Section 5.


Once the ordering process is finished, the delivery time and location is confirmed.

A few more screens…

All of the screen below were designed by myself for the first round of funding for Good Uncle.